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COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Diagnostic Assistant

View a sample report by scanning the QR code.

Download the COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant 

Available for free download, Novarad's COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant analyzes a chest CT scan with sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to produce a highly accurate and sensitive report that indicates if the patient's scans are consistent with COVID-19, including the extent of lung involvement. This tool has been designed to provide almost instantaneous information to the clinician and can assist with patient triage.

The report is accessed through a printable QR code that is generated when the CT scan is routed. The code is printed to a selected network printer and can be presented to both patients and other clinicians.

Before You Install

  • The client can be downloaded to run on most any machine on the same network as a PACS or DICOM compliant CT Scanner.
  • The studies are routed from either the modality or the PACS directly to the COVID-19 AI Client for processing.
  • No PHI is stored in the cloud. The COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant runs in a secure cloud environment, and all studies are anonymized before being sent up for analysis.